3 Things to Know When Dating a Type 1 Diabetic

3 Things to Know When Dating a Type 1 Diabetic

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Let me set the scene: We’re a few dates in and we’re going out for dinner. I’d since avoided dates revolving around food. When she suggested Ice Cream, I suggested coffee. But a couple has to eat together at some point right? I’m sitting across from her at the restaurant, it’s a nice place… the kind with white tablecloths. And here I am casually reaching into my pocket to pull out my CGM and wondering what kind of conversation this is going to lead to. Does she know what this little robot means about me? Is she going to launch into a weird little rant about how much she knows about Diabetes and then give me advice on what to order for dinner? Who knows, but either way it can be a little uncomfy.

When you’re dating a diabetic, or even if they are just your fuck pal, you might not know what to say when they tell you about their illness. You might not know what it means. There is no harm in asking questions, but here’s a little guide if you want to educate yourself:

  1. Robots and What They Do
    I have two robots attached to me: a CGM (continuous glucose meter) and an insulin pump. The former continuously monitors my glucose levels (shocker, right?) so I don’t have to prick my fingers anymore thank god. The latter pumps me with insulin because my body doesn’t make it! They’re attached via thin flexible tubes which can be removed. Some people don’t have either of these and instead prick their fingers with a meter and/or give themselves insulin via needle.
  2. Know Symptoms of Highs and Lows
    While we know what we’re doing it could never hurt to have another pair of eyes on us. If we start feeling nauseous, drowsy, or look flushed then we’re probably experiencing a high. If we start feeling weak and shakey, then we’re probably experiencing a low. Highs are fixed via increased insulin and lows are fixed with a meal or – even better – candy.
  3. Sex
    We have sex like everyone else but we just have to be careful! Lows can happen during sex as you’re usually exerting a lot of energy. So it’s always helpful to keeps snacks nearby! (or get creative with some whipped cream)
    Just know we might have to take breaks and whatnot.

Diabetes and Me

What’s up! I’m Jay and I’m part cyborg. And by cyborg, I mean that I have a couple little robots that are working to help me live. And by a couple little robots, I mean an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor. When it comes to everything else, I’m pretty much human. But hey, I wouldn’t say no to a robotic arm (think Cyborg from DC or Bucky from Marvel).

I’d say that my life is pretty regular apart from the whole type 1 diabetes thing. I mean, I feel like it’s a pretty normal thing (at least it is for me on the account that I’ve lived with it my entire life), but I’ve found that some people get a little uncomfy when the topic comes up.

Especially when it comes to dating. I’m a little tired of being looked at like I’m broken, but honestly I was just born this way. To me I don’t feel broken, I feel minority inconvenienced.

I wanted to make a blog where I – and other people with Type 1 or 2 – can talk about our experiences with this disease.

To hell with the stigma of invisible illness!

Hope you enjoy my blog and learn a little something about Type 1!